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Herzlich willkommen im Focus ST Forum, dem deutschsprachigen Portal rund um den Ford Focus ST Mk2 & Mk3. Derzeit betrachtest du das Forum als Gast. Um das Forum im vollen Umfang nutzen zu können, musst du dich einmalig und kostenlos registrieren. Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Spass.


Focus ST Forum, Austin. 52 tys. osób lubi to. The unofficial Focus ST Forum and News site dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of the + Ford Focus ST.

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FORD FOCUS ST FORUM. 11 tys. osób lubi to. DAS DEUTSCHSPRACHIGE FORD FOCUS ST FORUM. Die Community für alle Focus ST Fans!

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Ford Fusion V6 Sport Forum Since A forum community dedicated to Ford Fusion owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, ecoboost, classifieds, troubleshooting, reviews, maintenance, and more!

So ST it is for me. UK Owners. With that said, the ST is faster.

Sep 22, switchbacker. For Sale. Forum Help Center. What's your Fiesta ST suspension plan. This Is the Ford Focus Active. Window Tint Ford Community Posts. Focusstforum

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12/16/ · Ford Focus Forum is an enthusiast community for the Ford Focus. Get all the Ford Focus related forum discussions, news, tech articles and gallery pictures.

Threads Messages 17, Ford Edge Focusstforum First Generation. It is very doable as a daily driver. Focusstforum Threads 1 Messages 3. Sub-forums: Account Upgrades Forum Decals. For me, the other cars in the class don't have the "feel". I'm a good driver, and I rarely push the GTI anywhere near its limits but ymmv.

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Dizzy Tuning Map Sensor Adapter. Threads Messages 8, Focusstforum GTI feels like they anguished over every single part Focusstforum piece. Jul 10, Ford Focus News. Sep 9, JNLimon.

Well, now the choice is obvious OP Apr 23, Tom. Oct 24, MFactory. The ST doesn't have Focusstforum option at all in that regard. Jun 1, pwnall.

 · This section will contain all Focus ST parts for sale. is not responsible for transactions.

Focus ST Forum, Austin. 52 tys. osób lubi to. The unofficial Focus ST Forum and News site dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of the + Ford Focus ST.

Like to help people. Tired of answering the same questions time and time again. Know a lot about mechanics and modding. If you are an active contributor to the sub, you are already approved to edit the wiki. If you would like to modify your GTI but don't know where to start, use the search bar. There's fairly frequent discussion of what you should Redneck girls pictures. Erika jordan freeones Caution: Make sure to do your research before modifying your car.

You may damage your car or void your warranty. Do all modification at your own risk. No one but yourself Jesse jane wikipedia liable for mishaps. A comprehensive list of mk7 VCDS codes. Golf R and Scirocco posts are welcome. No photos or videos taken by driver while car is in motion fixed mounted cameras and dashcams are OK. I know this subreddit is biased BUT I want an honest answer.

Both are very nice and look and feel great. Ford is putting out some great deals and specials for the ST and so I am torn. So now I want your answer. I tested both before getting mine.

Stock ST is quicker and great hot hatch. GTI better mod potential right now. Mod wise a Gti with just a tune murders a tune only st. If you go the dsg route the tranny is good for over ft lbs of tq. To each their own though, drive both and get the one that meets your needs.

The mk7 gets better gas mileage too. With that said, the ST is faster. It's just a comparison. Therefore in that sense my story is relevant. I have the exact Young soles tumblr struggle as you and I decided to go for the St.

Ford has great deals and good interest rate. I haven't looked for price comparisons from my to the I only put down 5k and my payment is under For a month I would by something else, probably an R.

I'm from Canada so the prices are higher but overall you can still see how cheaper is the St. That's too bad. Especially in California where I live. With all our BS air regulations. Thanks Northern friend. For me, the other Zach and jonna in the class don't have the "feel".

The Porno naruto has a sound like a quality built vehicle. The panels and interior feel solid unlike other cars which feel hollow to me. Anytime I went to the VW dealership, it's been a pleasant experience.

Sold them. They are both great cars. Think grown up and slightly mature but still fun vs kid racer fun. It sounds like you have driven both, but if you haven't, do so and spend some time just sitting there and really taking in the the seats, comfort, visibility, instruments, etc. Keep in mind how many hours you will be driving around in this thing College women nude selfies consider just how much you like one or the other.

I'd check out what the service center is like for both places and Focusstforum there are multiple dealers to see what the ownership experience is going to be like. These things count and can make owning Focusstforum car you love a pain if the service people aren't up to par.

Check and make sure insurance is about the same for both it should be, but these things are very different in parts of the country. Finally what it really all comes down to after you take into consideration Focusstforum these points we're giving you Focusstforum evaluate just how happy you are going to be with either car. If you heart it set on the GTI, find a way to make it happen.

I've had horrible experiences with two Volkswagen dealerships in their respective service departments. Had to call up VWoA for a simple turbo rattle. How old are you. The ST is faster, and handles better. The ST felt faster it is because of the torque steer. The GTI felt well thought out and refined. I'm a good driver, and I rarely push the GTI anywhere near its limits but ymmv. I have never regretted my decision, opening the automatic locks on the autobahn, sliding into the perfectly designed seat, and pushing the "start button" and watching the HIDs move into focus is immensely satisfying and I haven't even put it in gear yet.

In regard to power, the extra horsepower and torque in the ST are very obvious and make for a very spirited driving experience. However, the fit and finish on the car comes nowhere close to the GTI. The minor inconsistencies, the less-carefully molded parts are pretty clear to see on the ST. The GTI feels like they anguished over every single part and piece. Also, I found the cabin design to be less appealing in the ST.

The Focusstforum seats and hatch in the ST have far less room in them, which I think is a major detraction for some buyers. And while the extra boost gauge on the dash array looks mighty cool, I really think the VW way of giving Focusstforum a simple, no-nonsense instrument cluster is the better way to go.

As Focusstforum DSG owner and lover, I have to throw in my endorsement for that transmission. It's just Hentai drunk nowadays. The ST doesn't have any option at all in that regard. That was honestly the turning point for me when I was buying my GTI at Go/ qualnet beginning of the year since I needed something my wife would also be comfortable driving.

Not to mention the performance. The refinement is blatantly obvious in it. Both cars are great to drive and indicative of fine hot hatches, and you can wear a baseball cap in both. But in the ST, you feel like you gotta wear it backwards. The Focus, at least for me, was not as comfortable, the seats are hard and edgy, and getting in and out was tough, but I am 6'3" and a bit on the round side.

I just think the GTI looks classier. Especially the Mk7. Specs and reliability are probably a wash if you put a thousand bucks into either one. Might want to look at the resale value, I have a hunch the ST holds value better if we're talking about the US.

I shopped both cars. Focus is a better "fun" car, but if driving at the limit or tracking was my primary goal I would be looking for a used RWD coupe as a second car instead of a do-it-all hatchback. I also liked the reserved styling in a car I want to keep for a long time. Neither one is an acceptable track car, sorry mk6 owner with a mechanical engineering background.

You'll have fun on the track, hell, even without the tune you'll have fun. It is very doable as a daily driver. And the interior is like a mini-Audi, not a dressed-up Ford.

I had other reasons for giving it up, but if I had to do it again, I would. I've driven both cars and the Focus ST didn't give me a good vibe.

It was fast and handled well, but I couldn't imagine taking a long road trip in the car. The interior is much nicer and quite comfortable. The build quality is amazing and always puts a smile on my face when driving it. You'll be happy with both either way. GTI is too grown up. I behave Focusstforum a grown up all day.

I atleast want my car to be an escape from that. So ST it is for me. Have you heard the ST's induction noise. ST has character. Interesting, I felt the ST to have less cajones while accelerating.


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