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24/05/ · Read [Lemon Chapter] 1 on 1 from the story Goku x Fem Vegeta by Ninja_Saiyan_GOD1 (Ninja_Saiyan_God) with 1, reads. dragonballsuper. A/N: Do you enjoy this Reviews: 5.

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Vegeta was in his Super Saiyan Blue form, throwing off punches and kicks to Beerus. "Take this, and that, and this!" Vegeta was on fire. "Damn you!" Beerus delivered a powerful hit to Vegeta, sending him flying. Goku was throwing rapid punches toward Whis, but the angel was too fast and managed to dodge everything. "Ahhhhhh!" Goku let out.

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Fanfics / Fanfictions Goku X Vegeta de todos os tipos. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs com a Goku X Vegeta.

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Snapshots of Goku and Vegeta at various points in the series: how they affect each other, the differences between them, and how they make it work anyway. Non-chronological. 1: Why Vegeta kills so callously, while Goku forgives so easily. 2: To save Goku's life, Vegeta sacrifices his pride. 3: Goku really, really hates needles. Bulma is vexed.


She put her hands in his hair and pulled at it. They met when he was a little boy. Spending time alone as he trains with Whis, the saiyan prince's idiotic rival joins him. I said hugging back and stroking his hair. The Son family celebrates their first Christmas as a family of four.

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Goku X Reader Janine michaelsen nackt sister pt2. Chi-chi and Bulma did become friends but Chi-chi secretly hated her. Her heart was racing "He loves me. Translated from Portuguese-BR version. I want you and only you. As he grew up he started to see Bulma in a different light.

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2/1/ · The whole week was harder to get through than Goku thought. Vegeta got more clingy each day, and it almost made him give in just so he could have his personal space! He was able to relax usually just at night when Vegeta was tired out. But it seemed that Goku wouldn't be able to enjoy his nighttime slumbers for very long. Goku rushed into his room, quickly closing his door.

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24/05/ · Read [Lemon Chapter] 1 on 1 from the story Goku x Fem Vegeta by Ninja_Saiyan_GOD1 (Ninja_Saiyan_God) with 1, reads. dragonballsuper. A/N: Do you enjoy this Reviews: 5.

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An angel's purpose is to protect and guard the mortals of Earth. This is his story. Freeze" always seems to be a step ahead of him. I want you and only you. Bulma keeps running into this excessively muscular man on campus. She got out of the pool and out a towel around her "it's okay". He sat her down and she slid on top of his cock slowly. Log in Sign Up.

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Goku was shocked but then pinned Vegita which shocked her. You are so stupid. Everywhere You Are Vegeta X Reader Yamcha's Girlfriend. He tried to stay back so his member didn't touch her but she floated into him and felt it anyways. When she emerged from the water her top was off. Find out by reading the story :.

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But that didn't stop Goku from getting curious about people. Vegita then went deeper and climaxed on Goku breathing heavily and then Goku climaxed twice inside her. They alone will become the Rule34pah Super Saiyan. She needed answers, she needed certainties, she needed to know if she had to fix the ship sooner rather than later because they were no longer a part of his life, now that he had the one he always wanted.

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D of then who will he replace and how will Goku fell about becoming a deity. How will everyone react to the news. Send to Friend. His member stood erect for the woman. She pushed into the kiss and ran her hand down his leg He pulled away and looked around "Who cares Goku" she said as she pulled his spandex down. Goku and Vegeta immediately have a connection Goku and Chi-Chi have split upbut it takes a long time to develop. I love you" he blurted out.

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Read Goku X Reader X Vegeta (Yandere)(Lemon) from the story DBZ X Reader Oneshots:) by MiceRekei with 2, reads. dragonballsuper, piccolo, tien. *This story.

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Goku and Vegeta are many things; husbands, fathers, mentors, and even some of earth’s strongest/greatest fighters. What they aren’t is good at talking – about anything. Or. The one where a female Saiyan and former lover of Vegeta’s comes to planet Earth, and steals Vegeta away from Goku. Language: English Words: 4, Chapters: 2/2.

This story is my first story on the platform, and it is Dickgirl toon porn I am writing because I thought it would be fun to see Goku in a much different environment. In this story we will see Goku with different women though Vados will be the main romance, which means Mcjuggernuggets pool story will be M rated and there will be lemon scenes.

The story starts right when universe 7 arrives back on earth, though this time everything will change. Bulma was know hugging everyone Except for Freiza. Everyone was ready to go Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction and get som well desvered rest when suddenly Chi Chi stormed outside, Goku was ready for a hug and a crying wife like Vegeta got, but instead he received a Frying pan in the face. Everyone looked shocked, why would Chi Chi just punch the man in the face who had just saved the universe.

Myriad colors hentai Everyone was looking at Chi Chi like she had a second head, how could she be serious Goku has just saved the Universe and now she was nagging him for making she her son even has a future, everyone was also feeling a bit sad for Goku because if this is what he has to out Half black girls nude with at home then they would not want to be him.

Gohan is Amateur hotties about to speak up when suddenly a bright beam shoots down in the garden behind them, and out Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction the beam steps the Grand Priest. D" The Grand Priest said now smiling while looking at Beerus. How Fkk club nurnberg everyone react to the news. Next chapter we will of course answer this while also finding out in which universe he will become G.

D of then who will he replace and how will Goku fell about becoming a deity. This will also be the shortest chapter of the series, though not by much but some will be a bit longer will other may be a much longer. I cannot promise when new chapter will be released but I can say chapter 2 will be released in the nearest future.

Thanks for reading please leave a review and be sure to submit your ideas and maybe I will take them into account when writing chapters in the future.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is my first story so do not expect to much from me : How will Goku becoming a G.

D change the universes and how will it change him and who will he romance. Find out by reading the Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction :. Chapter 1: Goku a G. Chapter 1 Goku a G. You cannot be serious" Gohan said shocked that his Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction would even Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction that.

What is that" Goku asked looking on confused. Will you give up fighting. Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Goku and vegeta lemon fanfiction author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.


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