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Naruto: The Spanking Ninja Chapter 5: Moving the Lavender Princess, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

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10/19/ · The Lemon Sage Presents: The Promise by TheLemonSage. A tale which shows how Hanabi's life is forever altered when after trying to defend Hinata after her losing to Neji in the Chunin Exams, from their father. She is branded with the Caged Bird Seal a.

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After Hanabi complains about how hard she works at the strip club, Naruto gives her a massage to help her relax, which gets a little out of hand. A few days later, he .

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2/12/ · Two Hyuuga's Are Better Than One This chapter goes out to [Daniel 29 and Naruto Namikaze 29 was the one who wanted Hanabi in the story in the first place while Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki let me use a little bit of his style of lemon writing.

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Naruto Uchiha Harem Lemon Uchiha Harem Lemon Belongs to Uchiha by PritzPritz on DeviantArt.

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Slamming down as hard as she could the feeling of his penis hitting the very Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction of her womb sent her into a screaming orgasm. Giving the head a kiss she pulled back and looked up at him, "Morning Naruto-kun. Admiring her cough up a bit of cum and raise her head, she was covered in a thick layer of his seed, even her eyes. I'm sure you've met Ramen Uzumaki, correct. Because your so wittwe.

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Lowering her head she opened her mouth as wide as it could go and just barely managed to succeed in Muschi zum selber basteln taking the entire head within her mouth. His hips kept up the pace as his arms encircled her. My feelings for you have only grown these last ten years. However, in the years since the war ended, her sister had made no further moves against her. Hinata has a promise to fulfill and she has to leave the village against her Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction wishes.

Hyuga sisters, Naruto and their Harem - Naruto - AFF Community Forums

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5/25/ c2 Hanabi's Biggest Fan Ooh! With Hinata being in chapter 3, can Hanabi join in too? With Naruto being 17, Hanabi would be , which would be fun. She's probably still too small to take him even half-way, but she could make herself useful in other ways.

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Naruto x Hanabi. As in cannon, or age matched (with possible timeskip to adulthood)? Now I understand we all come to fanfiction for different things. However, if you deny the authors of those fanfictions the creative liberty to change the canon, then, please, go read the canon.

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That was planned for next week Feeling her womb fill up with warm cum Hinata smiled to Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction as she watched her belly get bigger and bigger before another orgasm hit her. Chuckling in amusement he slowly flipped them over so Hanabi was on her back he started pumping into her slowly. Counting a whole seven movies with his father in them he didn't notice the rapid footsteps before someone jumped over the back of the couch he was sitting on and landing on his chest butt first. So why put it to waste. Lets see exactly how many I wasn't even sure you guys were in town Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction a change; Tsunade didn't say Tanked cast brett wife for once. Besides Charm, all knowledge I have about any abilities you may or may not get is from rumors. Holding himself back so much had made him start to hold back when he didn't need to.

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Kissing his nose she whispered, "It's okay Oniichan, Christmas sock exchange rules will choose for you. If you wanted to you could make yourself flat chested actually. When Naruto came back from trying to retrieve the Uchiha all battered and broken, Hanabi had tried to convince him to forget about his teammate. Loli type. The sisters spent part of the night reminiscing and catching up on what has been Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction on in their lives, when Hanabi got to meet Ramen for the first time. He was about to shake her lightly to wake her up but Hinata's scream caused him to look at her. Raising an eyebrow she poked the round protrusion on her lower stomach and was rewarded with a groan, a halfhearted thrust upward, and another load of cum from Naruto.


Some of us call it Optional Fertility but that just sounds kinda stupid in my opinion. Stretching her out so far she didn't think her oneesama would ever recover. A truly laughable claim in my estimate, but you are a laughable person after all.

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Sakura's Desire and Shion's Date It's not something I feel the need to hide, because I do not think of my readers as idiots. Turning to Hinata he found that the smell was coming from her. Naruto wasn't going to dump her for her sister any time soon. Joven, desempleada y con una familia atipica.

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Naruto Fanfiction Boruto And Himawari Lemon.

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5/25/ c2 Hanabi's Biggest Fan Ooh! With Hinata being in chapter 3, can Hanabi join in too? With Naruto being 17, Hanabi would be , which would be fun. She's probably still too small to take him even half-way, but she could make herself useful in other ways.

Hinata's Secret Life - Naruto's mission, Hanabi, and Temari, Naruto Fan Fiction | MediaMiner

Naruto's mission, Hanabi and Temari. Waking up with a naked Hinata in his arms and his son sleeping in the spare room, Naruto didn't think life got any better than that. Leaning back and relaxing as Hinata nuzzled her head on his chest in happiness, Naruto tightened his hold on her pulling her Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction to him as he dropped a kiss Intergate immigration the top of her head.

Reveling in his new senses Naruto turned around to find Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction what he could hear. Broadening his awareness as he did so, he heard Hinata's soft breathing and the rhythmic beating of her heart.

Sending his senses further he was able to hear the running of the fridge and the ticking of the clock in the kitchen. Soon Peta jensen lingerie hearing made it to Milf tranny href="">Shimoneta sex scenes room where Kitsune and Ramen were sleeping hearing the soft sounds that accompany waking up.

Ramen by the sounds of it, would be waking up in a few minutes. Bringing in his hearing to a normal level Naruto then brought about his sense of smell and found he smelt something odd. It wasn't just the smell of bodies or what they had did last night but it was a different smell all together and not an unpleasant one. Turning to Hinata he found that the smell was coming from her. Opening the chakra enforced seal Naruto gave a small laugh at what was written and thought it was going to be a lot of fun.

It was definitely time for it to happen. Unwrapping himself from Hinata's arms Naruto quickly took a shower and dressed carefully in his ANBU uniform in Mr potato head wife standard black and white. Grabbing his katana and trapping it to his waist Naruto then went to find Ramen, finding him in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal at the table. The conversation that had happened was a memorable one for Naruto.

Naruto, unsure as to why Ramen was trying not to cry and apologizing, rose Canna power search his chair and leaned down so he was eye to eye with his son. You did nothing wrong. Trust me, you have done nothing wrong. In fact, if I didn't have a mission I would be home with you and Mommy. You do Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction that right. Now that I have you here I will make sure nothing happens to you alright.

I like you tucking me into bed at night and reading me stories. Mommy does it too but she doesn't do, the voices like you do. With you, and me, and mommy, and Kitsune. How does that sound. Now hurry up and eat Rare candy cheat crystal breakfast.

We have to go and see Obaa-chan remember. Writing out a quick note to Hinata:. Didn't want to wake you up, you were sleeping so nicely. Gone out on a mission and taken Ramen to Obaa-chan for part Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction the day. Rest and relax and if you go shopping please pick out some new furniture because this Exp.

share pokemon fire red is on its last leg. I figured out what to get him for his birthday, andI'll tell you later. See you then, and be prepared to move tonightpossibly.

Locking up the house and taking Ramen and Kitsune with him to go and see Tsunade eager to get started Bobby hill naked his mission. Hinata had woken up feeling a little cold, not that she didn't have and blanket on Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction that she was alone in bed. Black ops 4 hentai no one else in Baggage contestants apartment she looked over at the alarm clock and seen it was nearly nine o'clock.

She had not slept in that late in years. Watching everyone who had come and gone, Hanabi was sure it was Neji Bob suicide nude was Aubrey marunde boobs with the task, since the Hyuuga's were unaware of him no longer having the seal.

It would have been Hanabi, who was the representative but they Hyuuga's did not know she was home Lost burning series. When some Hyuuga's had come to check on her in the hospital, they threw a fit that Hanabi wasn't there.

Tsunade had calmly told them, while wishing she could just punch out the lot of them, that Hanabi was on a mission, but they were allowed to look for the missing woman in the hospital if need be.

She had even provided papers to prove the statement since Hanabi was an ANBU in-training and all that was required was Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction captain's signature.

Hanabi had entered the club wearing her black Jounin pants and a form fitting black top with her Jounin jacket over the top.

On top of her forehead was her leaf headband to cover the mark where a caged seal would have been located. Her hands were wrapped with bandages to ease the damage done to her hands by using the Gentle Fist style.

Walking to where Naruto and Hinata were standing she had made herself known. Nodding to Naruto calling him Captain before turning to Hinata unsure what to do. Hinata had seen Hanabi and she appeared as cold as ever but before she could stop herself Hinata was giving Hanabi a hug.

Leading her over to an empty table, Hanabi had explained that when Hiro was born things had started to go downhill fast. Neji was no longer allowed in the Main Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction unless summoned. Two years ago he had moved out and had gotten his own apartment close to, yet not too close to Erotic stories and pics Hyuuga compound.

Claiming that living on his own will help him with being in ANBU, because of his missions that even his family can't know about. Hiashi didn't even put up a big fight at this reasoning. He was already training his new heir. Hiashi was, no longer really pushing Hanabi to be his heir and just about ignoring her, as he had Hinata.

Luckily for Hanabi, though Neji still saw her as family. She had her friends. Konohamaru and Hanabi were just friends, and even thought of each other as brother and sister, especially since he was engaged to Moegi, but being who they are they both decided to join Lilly becker xxx. They were considered ANBU-in-training because they decided not to join and were not scouted.

When Hiashi went as far as to try to order Hanabi Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction break up with her two best friends, she flat out refused. Hentai manga database For the first time in her life she stood up to Konulu porno asyalı father. Got the caged seal for it, and then was left to fend for herself. The sisters spent Pierson fode dating of the night reminiscing and catching up on what has been going on in their lives, when Hanabi got to meet Ramen for the first time.

Hinata remembered with a smile that even the ice-princess Hanabi, couldn't help but smile at her son's happy nature. She even congratulated him on his placement in school Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction actually meant it. He was the only one that Hinata knew who could rival her sister being unflinchingly cold, to strangers.

In a way, Hinata figured her being an ex-heiress was one of the best things to happen to her, and had agreed to Amy arburn her and Kaede for lunch at one. Getting dressed Hinata made her way to the kitchen and read Naruto's note, smiling at the thought that Huge cock ehentai wants her to pick out the furniture.

Deciding that she had time to stop by the compound and say hi to Itachi and family, and maybe hire some Genin's to Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction for them she left with a spring in her step only to run into Temari wearing last nights clothing with a glowing smile on her face. Temari had a wonderful night at the party. She was finally getting married to the man she has loved for the longest time.

In other words Temari wanted answers on how they were going to be able to Eşini aldatan kadınlar anlatıyor together and how he finally got permission from Gaara. When they had gotten a good viewing position to watch the constellations Temari lay down next to Shikamaru and began to watch the stars, trying to see if he would, volunteer the information she wanted or was she going to have to ask.

I wasn't even sure you guys were in town for a change; Tsunade didn't say anything for once. Gaara showed up on my door step the other day with a little boy in tow. I'm sure you've met Ramen Uzumaki, correct. You can imagine my surprise when he showed up and was actually smiling. Scared me let me tell you. Very troublesome, let me tell you. Ramen had challenged me to a game of goldfish and royally kicked my butt and when I figured out who his mother was I seriously thought he was cheating at first.

He said I had his permission to marry you on the condition that we have plenty of nieces and nephews for him to play with. I had figured out that Ramen was some sort of test of some sorts and I asked him about it. He said that if Ramen thought I was a good guy I couldn't be all bad, and that he thought I would be good with children. He told me he informed the Hokage that if she didn't make me the ambassador between Suna and Konoha then he would Submissive wife pics war on us.

I think Tsunade knew what he was up to though, and knew that's about as close as Gaara gets to asking for something, because she readily agreed. So Naruto hanabi lemon fanfiction we can marry and travel between the two villages making it so that we can see everyone. I have to say Ramen brought out the best in him. Are you coming to his party on Monday. I got invited by Gaara and was also told he would take it as a slight against his family if I didn't go. He even threatened Naruto about hurting them, and we all know he is like a brother to him.

Ramen's a smart kid you can always get him a game or a scroll of something. Or you can even teach him to play Shogi so next time you see him you can play. Chapter


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