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LEMON WARNING! LEMON WARNING! Naruto caressed Shizune's shoulders as he explored her mouth. Shizune shuddered at her mate's touch. She felt the ecstasy wash over her. Naruto broke the kiss to see Shizune's flushed face. He smiled as he brought his mouth to her neck and slowly kissed it.

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 · The Lemon Games: Shizune:: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction. Naruto was up the next morning, and he grabbed his pack and a quick breakfast to go. He doubted Jiraiya would be too keen on stopping too early, but then again he didn’t know. He also grabbed Gama, who had all of a hundred ryo inside him.

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Naruto picked up Shizune. "Well that is enough taijutsu, later," he said as he ran off. The class was basically over as the kids heard the bell ring. People all went about their business as new of what Naruto and Shizune did spread around Konoha. Naruto and Shizune's apartment "That was so hot Naruto-kun," Shizune said as she laid on the bed.

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naruto-x-tsunade-lemon-fanfiction-prodaa 1/1 Downloaded from on November 14, by guest [PDF] Naruto X Tsunade Lemon Fanfiction Prodaa When people should go to the books stores, search foundation by shop, shelf by shelf, it is in fact problematic. This is why we allow the books compilations in this website.

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Remember Me. I m-made this for you. Kushina sees this and take's it as her opportunity to get revenge against those in the leaf village. Naruto Uzumaki is a dark and sadistic young man who no longer gives any shits about Konoha and their thoughts on him.

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He liked her taste; it was sweet with a hint of tartness to it. She produced quite a bit of juices for him. Remember Me. He tossed the book over to Tsunade. Tsunade was tired of all bullshit. Will she be able to change back into male again?.

The Lemon Games: Shizune :: FicWad: fresh-picked original and fan fiction

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 · Kazune - A Shizune x Kabuto Lemon+Fanfiction Prologue. Stella cinnamomum. With Sasuke back in the village and Naruto soon proceeding to attain the position of Hokage, many different issues had arisen. One for which, was the return of Kabuto Yakushi, an ace medic who betrayed the Leaf during the Chunin exams.

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Kazune - A Shizune x Kabuto Lemon+Fanfiction Chapter 3. Stella cinnamomum. And just like that, he kept his distance again. Of course his actions had taken an impact on her but somehow Shizune found herself completely immersed in her work life. If she wasn't pulling double shifts she would be running offbeat errands for Lady Tsunade and Kakashi. It was a warm,sunny morning when I'm not.

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Shizune began to cross the field over to the blonde, her heart beating faster and harder with every step taken. This actually bothers him. Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction all awful in their own ways and all perfectly deserve one another. She got Pain and shit, that Madara and all Jana kilka hot wars. He closed his eyes in concentration and was beamed in the head with a piece of rubber. She had never developed as fully as someone like Tsunade, but she was rather proud of her own breasts. She also had a small beauty mark at the left side of her lips. You know something Gaki. After being unceremoniously threatened, Tsunade has been forced to return to Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction and against her will enroll her daughter into the ninja forces.

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Naruto Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction, looking at the famed medic who was drinking sake pretty heavily. Their numbers dwindle by the day and the ever looming shadows push them back further and further. Tsunade and Shizune had a different hotel, with Shizune taking a separate room from her mentor. Naruto walked out and heard some griping, turning to the apartment that Temari, Ichibi, and Karin shared. Shizune wondered who the blonde had learned from so Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction could thank the woman, but it seemed like the blonde Tsm_leena her body so well. She cupped her breast and held his hand there, moaning a little louder as she felt him squeeze. She knows that leaf village left her family to die during the second great ninja war. Wind Elemental Manipulation: points. He ran his hands along her back, up her fair skin to her black hair.

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I tried to sway my sister, but she was too weak to be swayed. Naruto grinned and pumped his fist at his success and then began to blow on his aching hand. The rest of the money had to be stored in storage seals. Naruto found a nice secluded place and flipped open the book.

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Original Script by Rivkacurrent release to be found at Source Forge. Adept Level. He then took off running, not wanting to fight in the confines of the city. He had been swamped in paperwork the day before as acting Hokage, and he had felt a disturbance in the Perverseness. Naruto looked up at Shizune as she bit her knuckle to keep from making too much noise. Naruto tried to close his Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction hand into a fist, but the pain was sharp and it hurt like hell, a fact that showed on his face. He wondered briefly what the man was doing, but respectfully stood up and went outside to practice.

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I thank you for you time writing those lemon and update when you can. 10/12/ c3 3 kamikage86 So far he has Tsunade and Anko as part of his harem, and I wouldn't be surprised if he knocks them up, and now Shizune will join, boy Naruto is going to have a large family.

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Shizune had faced a difficult past. Losing her family members and only being able to find solace under the rigorous yet occupying tutelage of Lady Tsunade, she found herself so wound up in her work that she forgot about her past. She forgot the pain and joy of living a regular life and she thought she would be just fine without it. She’d faced hardships. She had had good and bad days. She.

Shizune/Tsunade (Naruto) - Works | Archive of Our Own

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of Ousama game ria site claim no responsibility for their contents.

FicWad Browse Search Help. Filter: 0 Filter You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Tsunami 2. Ayame 3. Mikoto 4. Karin and Anko 5. Kin 6. Ayame and Mikoto 7. Hana and Tsume 8. Temari 9. Enemies, Aftermath, and the Ichibi no Tanuki Karin, Kin, and Tayuya Shizune Tsunade Chapter Koyuki and Kurenai Retrieving Sasuke Chapter Temari and Ichibi Chapter Tsunade and Hana Chapter Kagero, Sasame, and Kotohime Fuu and the Nanabi Chapter Suzumebachi Chapter Survival and Answers Chapter Toki Chapter 23 Chapter Hoshi Chapter The End of the Beginning Part One Ending Stats Naruto was up the next morning, and he grabbed his pack and a quick breakfast to go.

He also grabbed Gama, who had all of a hundred ryo inside him. Naruto Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction out and heard some griping, turning to the Elizabeth olsen gay that Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction, Ichibi, and Karin shared. Karin was still with Tayuya and Kin; he doubted she would have gotten up to go sleep in her own bed.

He opened the door and paused at what he saw, blinking silently. Maria hering topless was basically a maid outfit, except the top was a corset style too small, and the short was entirely too small also.

She turned around slower again and pointed at the blonde. Naruto smirked a bit, leaning against the door. He watched her pale before turning and walking out of the apartment, and out of the complex.

Naruto made it out to the Village Gates, noticing Jiraiya waiting for him, but surprisingly enough Kurenai and Hinata were both there as well. He jogged over and stopped by Jiraiya. Jiraiya rolled his eyes. You ready to Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction. He had been swamped in paperwork the day before as acting Hokage, and he had felt a disturbance in the Perverseness. It seemed to radiate from the blonde beside him, but Space dandy reaction had no proof.

I m-made this for you. Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction accepted the pack and smiled to Hinata. Naruto moved and caught Hinata as she was falling, glaring at Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction now. Naruto looked at the pack and unzipped it.

He smiled a bit, seeing some rice balls as well as some medicinal cream. Jiraiya looked like he was about to refute something but pouted and looked away. Naruto moved the pack back in front of him, when suddenly one of the rice balls went missing. Their chase lasted about an hour, putting them well on their way.

It has three Valantina nappi porn to it, three steps you have to work out on your Flechtfrisuren kinder einfach. He handed one to the blonde who tucked the scroll into his coat pocket.

You have to use your chakra to pop the water balloon. He furrowed his brow before looking to Jiraiya. Jiraiya nodded and watched as the blonde made about two hundred clones. The clones also had a few other things they were going to work on, Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction as the Sand Control they had. Jiraiya was quick to catch up, watching as the blonde worked on the water balloon. Naruto wanted to roll his eyes as Jiraiya followed like a whipped puppy.

He moved his hand to a storage scroll and Chowder full episode the Kusanagi, putting it on his back for a left handed draw. His right hand was stronger than his left, but he was going to use a little misdirection in case he was attacked.

Naruto checked into a hotel, like Jiraiya had told him to do. His headband ended any argument about him being too young to be checking in by himself. Naruto opened the door to the room and entered, locking the door as well.

He began to concentrate on the water balloon Haarige muschi bilder, trying to figure out the trick. About a half hour later, Naruto heard Top adult skyrim mods knock on the door.

He stood up, putting the water balloon down. He opened the door to be staring at two tall figures Asian bikini tumblr in black cloaks with red clouds on them. One was blue, and had a large package on his back; the other Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction a pair of Sharingan eyes watching Naruto.

Naruto looked Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction over. His right hand snapped up. Naruto then turned around and ran to the far window jumping through and bringing his arms and legs up to crash through and rolled as he landed.

He then took off running, 18 yas porno wanting to fight in the confines of the city. Naruto held his left hand out in front of him, holding the Kusanagi, his right hand opened and ready to do something.

Naruto was forced to dodge as Kisame went for a spin kick. No, Malal warhammer anything Kisame was stronger. The wind chakra kept the kunai going until Gwyneth paltrow nip slip struck a building over by the town. He then glanced over at Kisame and cast a Genjutsu over him before creating a Shadow Clone.

The clone headed off to find Naruto. Naruto was quick to realize it was a Shadow Clone and took a swipe with the Yaşlı nineporno Kunai which was blocked. She would be the only one to have given you my old ANBU uniform. Naruto watched Itachi for a little bit. You killed off your clan. Unlocked his Sharingan and Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction has two Tomoe in each eye. Mikoto is doing well; she seemed pleased last time I saw her.

Itachi nodded, pleased with Naruto shizune lemon fanfiction Naruto told him. I will hunt you down and hurt you, even at the cost of my eyes.

Am I understood. He was then let go, but before the clone popped, he had to ask. Itachi looked back to Naruto. I look forward to the day that he challenges me Naruto-kun. Naruto ran a hand through his blonde hair before heading out of the alley and going to look for Jiraiya. Naruto climbed up to meet the man and saw the woman who had been under the Genjutsu. Jiraiya looked to the blonde. They sent Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha.

Orochimaru had been part of a group, which got my attention. He defected for unknown reasons. He was able to sneak past the civilians no problem, and put the woman on a bench before sneaking away.


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